Panoramic of Karsha monastery, nunnery and village

About us

This website was first launched in 2008 by Paul Surand who made most of the website, then was managed by his mother Brigitte Perrin-Duc. They financed and helped build the new guest-house at the bottom of Karsha monastery, now fully functional. After both of them left our world, the domain name (, the maps, images and photos were lost and the website has to be partially rebuilt. The new version was done by Jonathan, the current webmaster of this website, who stayed several winters in Karsha monastery. I am also the webmaster of Karsha in Zanskar where you can find details and photos about the life in Karsha and some treks made with Sonam.

Photos of the treks were given by other French friends of Lama Sonam Wangchuk, who already made one or several treks with him. We are all pleased to help him and help you discover Zanskar, Ladakh, and the people who inhabits this beautiful and peaceful region.
You can see the photographs of Anne Petitfils on her website, or on her photo book "Zanskarpa", whose captions have been co-written with... Lama Sonam !

For any problem about this website, contact the webmaster at :
For trek related and other questions, please contact Lama Sonam, see the contact page.