Panoramic of Karsha monastery, nunnery and village

Ralakung trek

Departure from Karsha :

D01 : Karsha - Phe, by jeep, visit of the cave of Zong Bao (2h walk)
D02 : Phe - Base camp of Phe-La (6h)
D03 : Base camp - Ralakung Pima through the Phe-La pass (5100m) (6h)
D04 : Ralakung Pima : one day site visit (castle ruins, flowers, a village of 6 houses, meeting with the inhabitants)
D05 : Ralakung Pima - Ralakung Nangma through the Nangma-La pass (4600m) (4h)
D06 : Ralakung Nangma : one day site visit
D07 : Ralakung Nangma - Base camp of Phe-La through the Nangma-La pass (4600m) (6h)
D08 : Base camp - Doksa through the Phe-La pass (5100m)
D09 : Doksa - Phe (5h). Phe - Karsha by jeep through Zongkul, Sani and Padum (visit of the monasteries of Zongkul and Sani)

NOTE : This schedule may be modified in accordance with weather conditions.