Panoramic of Karsha monastery, nunnery and village

Paldar valley trek through the Umasi-La pass to Manali

D01 : UK - Delhi
D02 : Delhi - Leh, rest in the morning, free visit of Leh in the afternoon
D03 : Leh - Kargil, by jeep, visit of Lamayuru monastery
D04 : Kargil - Karsha, by jeep
D05 : Karsha
D06 : Start of the trek, Karsha - Tungri, visit of the Zong Bao cave (6h)
D07 : Tungri - Zongkul (6h)
D08 : Zongkul - Intermediate camp after crossing the river (5h)
D09 : Intermediate camp - North base camp of glacier (5h)
D10 : North base camp - Umasi-La pass (5342m) - South camp (7h)
D11 : South camp - Shepherds huts (6h)
D12 : Shephers huts - Sumcham (6h)
D13 : Sumcham - Dongol (2h)
D14 : Dongol, rest
D15 : Dongol - Nomads' camp near Tilbooti (5h)
D16 : Tilbooti - Camp near Chomo Cho Hoor (4h)
D17 : Chomo Cho Hoor - Nomads' camp of Nuraldin Dera (4h)
D18 : Camp of Nuraldin Dera - North base camp of Shiv Shankar (5h)
D19 : North base camp - Shiv Shankar pass (5200m) - South base camp (6h)
D20 : South base camp - Camp (6h)
D21 : Camp - Akhiri Mor (2h walk). Akhiri Mor - Udaipur, by jeep, night in a guest-house (6h)
D22 : Udaipur - Manali, by jeep (6h)
D23 : Day in Manali, departure to Delhi in the evening
D24 : Delhi
D25 : Departure to the UK

NOTE : This schedule may be modified in accordance with weather conditions.